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Hi! Thanks for dropping in. I hope you enjoy this part of John's ESL Community. If you are a student of English, you will find many games and activities created just to help you learn about the holidays that are celebrated in America. If you are an English teacher, you will find lots of printable teacher materials that you are free to print and use in your class.

If you are not a student or teacher of English, that's okay. I am sure that anyone who happens to stop by will enjoy their time here.

Did you know there are only nine legal holidays celebrated in the United States? On legal holidays, businesses, schools and government offices close. Since most legal holidays fall either on a Monday or Friday. People who work in those sectors of the business community get a long weekend.

The word holiday actually came from two words Holy and Day. Years ago, the only holidays that were observed were religious days. Now, of course, there are still several religious holidays in the US, but the only legal religious holiday is Christmas. Other religious holidays that we observe in America are Easter and Good Friday, which are Christian holidays, and Yom Kippur and Hannukah, which are Jewish holidays.

We also celebrate many holidays that have nothing to do with religion. Some holidays, like Memorial Day and Veterans Day, are observed out of respect for those who died in battle during various wars.

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